Financial Services for the Fisheries Sector: Maldives Case study

Fishing, processing and marketing of tuna is a traditional activity in the Maldives.

This study has examined two value chains:

  • The pole and line fishery for (mainly) skipjack tuna, destined for the canned or pouched tuna market.
  • The line fishery for (mainly) yellow fin tuna destined for the fresh fish markets in Europe and Japan.

Production of fish peaked in 2005/6, with approximately 180,000 tons of fish landed, of which approximately 135,000 was skipjack tuna. This was exclusively caught by Maldivian fishermen, using traditional and modified traditional vessels called Dhonis. Approximately 1,300 of these vessels were registered in 2009.

In 2007 the fishery crashed, with catches declining by nearly 30%. This decline has continued, with reported catches in 2010 being only 88,000 tons – less than 50% of the peak.

None the less, investment during the early 2000’s has resulted in the Maldives having a relatively modern fleet and world class fish processing and marketing facilities…<download full report>