Comprehensive Study of Maldivian Civil Society

‘Comprehensive Study of Maldivian Civil Society’ – The purpose of the study is for the Government of the Maldives – represented by Ministry of Home Affairs  and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to deepen current understanding of the operating civil sector society in the Maldives, and following that, to establish meaningful regulation of the sector, enable the strengthening and development of the civil society sector, and to harness the potential of the civil society sector to contribute to the country’s development and promote the wellbeing of its population.  In more concrete terms, the findings of the study are intended to be utilised in the reform of the Associations Act, the development of a Directory of NGOs and the formulation of a Code of Conduct for the civil society sector as initial steps towards achieving the broader goals.  Read full report…

Alternately you can read the eBook online.