“Dhivehinge Igthisaagee Sallaa” – A policy analysis and a series of discussion forums on topical economic issues

Date: October 2011

Core Team:

  • Fareeha Shareef
  • Hamid Sodique
  • Abdulla Waheed
  • Ahmed Fayaz


The project was a six episode discussion forum where topical issues of economic relevance were discussed.  Commissioned by the UNDP and Ministry of Economic Development, the main aim of the project was to educate the general public on issues surrounding economic development, presented from an analytical/educational perspective using laymen’s language and free from political falsehoods. FJS managed the forum in collaboration with Maldives National University, State Trading Organisation (as the main sponsor) and MNBC One (as the media partner).

The objectives of the project were to:

  • Enhance dialogue and wider participation in the discussions of economy development issues in the Maldives.
  • Develop interaction and the exchange of information between the government and non-government agencies, private sector, academic institutions and other stakeholders working towards similar development goals in the Maldives.
  • To improve understanding of economic issues among the public


The forum consisted of six weekly episodes. The panel for each episode consisted of four panellists who were experts or well informed in the field of discussion.

The topics selected for the six forums were:

  1. Increasing the role of tourism in local livelihood development
  2. Development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises sector
  3. Role of saving and investment
  4. Unemployment trends among youth
  5. Women entrepreneurship and participation in economic activities
  6. Innovation


Each forum was divided into three main parts; an introduction, a panel discussion and finally a Q and A segment with a live audience. The introduction was primarily a brief report on the topic of discussion for the day. During the second segment panellists discussed the selected topic guided by a presenter. During the third segment of the program, the audience was given the opportunity to ask questions from the panellists.