Launching of ‘Comprehensive Study of Maldivian Civil Society’

15 September 2011: The ‘Comprehensive Study of Maldivian Civil Society’ (a study commissioned by the UNDP and Ministry of Home Affairs) was launched yesterday by the UNDP during the event to mark the International Day of Democracy 2011. The study shows that the sector is driven primarily by young volunteers with a vision to contribute positively to the development of the country. While the Constitution was found to be sufficient framework for the existence of the civil society of Maldives, the research indicated a number of areas within the existing laws, specifically the Associations Act and Employment Act that are of concern and a number of recommendations are proposed. The study also looked at categorization, operations and ethical standards, in addition to affective decentralization of components of monitoring and regulation of the civil society sector. We would like to thank UNDP Maldives for giving us the opportunity to undertake this very interesting study. We hope the findings and recommendations will enable a better focus in the sector reform process… Read the summary report here or full report here…

Alternately you can read the eBook online.