FJS IN THE NEWS: FJS Consulting Private Limited holds a Workshop

FJS Consulting Private Limited hosted a workshop for board members of the companies yesterday. The workshop which was held from 9 am to 5 pm was mainly focused on governance risk and control. The workshop also focused on the current state of the economy and trade, on how to improve the performance of the business, corporate governance and responsibilities of the board members. The workshop was held in Mookai Hotel. The Company is also organizing a two day workshop on risk assessment; risk based auditing for the employees who deals with auditing in companies.

The workshop was addressed by principal partner of the Shenando Group, James Key. James had worked for many international firms such IBM in auditing related fields, and is an expert in company management and governance at the company boards. James is at moment involved in conducting workshops and seminars on governance, finance and banking. He has also served world renowned companies in the field of audit training and development.

Some of the participating companies in the workshop include State Trading Organization, Maldives Airports Company Limited, Maldives Tourism Development Cooperation, Kaimoo Hotel and Travel Private Limited.

The participating companies, specially their boards will benefit from the workshop immensely. In addition to teaching how to identify the practices that may lead to corruption, the workshop also taught on how to deal with the shareholders and other stakeholders transparently. The workshop also educated the participants on identifying the challenges because of the ongoing economic crisis and to learn the responsibilities of the board members under governance, risk management and control. Providing information to the board and the finance committee on shaping the company discipline as per Capital Market Development Authority’s Corporate Governance Code and how to supervise the workings of the board and the audit committee will also be taught in the workshop.

FJS Private Limited is a company which specializes in providing consultancies on economic, financial and management areas. It also includes business advisory services, accounting, audit, research and capacity building services.

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