Call for Local Experts for a PFM Project in Maldives


The Public Finance Management (PFM) Maldives Activity is 5-year project implemented by DAI. The project seeks to develop the capacity of the Government of Maldives such that it can achieve the following objectives: 1) Establishing and implementing a transparent and accountable budgetary system that leads to improved national budget allocations and management; 2) Identifying and implementing efficient public investments in services and facilities; and 3) Mobilizing sufficient public revenue, commensurate with public investments and services. PFM Project will support the Ministry of Finance (MOF), the Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure (MNPHI), and other agencies as needed through strategic technical assistance and targeted project interventions aimed at improving their ability to make appropriate and cost-effective budget decisions.

The implementing contractor for this project is DAI Global. FJS Consulting Pvt Ltd (FJS) is a key local partner and is responsible for assisting with contracting local experts for relevant areas of the project.

FJS Consulting is an advisory firm based in the Maldives, specializing in economic, social, financial and management consulting services. Our core team comprises of experienced consultants with strong academic and professional backgrounds. Our collective strength and personalized relationships with our clients have allowed us to work closely with esteemed private, government and international clients over the years. For more information about FJS please visit

We are shortlisting experts in the following areas for both long-term and short-term positions:

  • Macro-Economic Policy;
  • Public Financial Management;
  • Public sector budget planning and preparation;
  • Public expenditure management;
  • Infrastructure planning (technical, financial, economic);
  • Infrastructure project finance;
  • Tax Policy;
  • Performance Audit;
  • Legal advisory on PFM.


  • Bachelor’s degree in any of the relevant fields including Economics, Public Policy, Public Administration, Business Administration, Engineering, etc.
  • Advanced degrees in relevant field will be an added advantage.
  • 4+ years post qualification experience working in relevant fields
  • Excellent English writing and speaking skills

If you are passionate to work in any of the above areas, please send us your CV to [email protected] by 20th November 2020.